Scene outside Capitol after man rammed into barrier killing an officer on Friday | USA TODAY

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The man who police say rammed his car into a security barrier at the U.S. Capitol on Friday and was fatally shot by police after emerging from the vehicle with a knife was a lifelong athlete who in recent months had shown growing support on social media for Louis Farrakhan and the extremist Nation of Islam group.
Police say Green rammed a dark-colored sedan into a security barrier outside the U.S. Capitol, killing Officer William "Billy" Evans, an 18-year veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police Department. After the crash, police say, Green got out of the car with a knife in his hand, ran toward officers and ignored their commands. Officers opened fire and killed him.
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Emily Willis
Emily Willis 13 ditë më parë
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m 207
m 207 18 ditë më parë
What I saw was peaceful protesting, right democrats?
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Franka Luice 18 ditë më parë
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Doug Manor
Doug Manor 19 ditë më parë
MSM can't blame it on white supremacist this time so they just don't report about it,swept under rug,and be no mention of it tomorrow.
Richie Estevez Lora
Richie Estevez Lora 19 ditë më parë
Bob Dollar 937
Bob Dollar 937 19 ditë më parë
An Undiagnosed or Unmedicated Mental Health Disorder is the precursor to most perplexing Public Incidents that lead to loss of Innocent People Lives.
Clarence Mumford
Clarence Mumford 19 ditë më parë
With such an amazing description of the subject by USA Today. You could litterally pick him out of the crowd at a sold out Yankees game !!
Judy Ratliff
Judy Ratliff 19 ditë më parë
it has been locked down since old Joe got in. what is new.
Emily Willis
Emily Willis 13 ditë më parë
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Amadeus Wolfe
Amadeus Wolfe 19 ditë më parë
After a black supremacist murdered a cop after ramming into a barrier there fixed the headlines for you USA DNC Today
Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 19 ditë më parë
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Kendra Sunderland
Kendra Sunderland 19 ditë më parë
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Mountainryder 19 ditë më parë
Inside job designed to incite
GUY HAM 19 ditë më parë
Another republican nut case BITES THE DUST, keep doing NO masks and it will improve
Terrell Massey
Terrell Massey 19 ditë më parë
There's a lot of thumbs down more than ups I think I'll thumb it down too
phan luong
phan luong 19 ditë më parë
True news go to Beyond the noise by David Zhang journalists “America first” legacy of president Donald Trump
Molliesdad 19 ditë më parë
Way to go Joe, open up those borders and let them in. Just do not act surprised as these types of incidents continue to rise up in your face.
Cohnie 19 ditë më parë
You folks complain when the media speaks. You complain when they say nothing. You folks have to face, you’ll never be happy.
American Asian
American Asian 19 ditë më parë
After the black man rammed into the barrier killing the white police officer🙄
bluwng 19 ditë më parë
Man, what kind of man? Don’t be scared homie, say it ya weasel.
phillup space
phillup space 19 ditë më parë
the trump terrorist organization attempts another attack on the Capitol. the attacks will never end as long as the terrorist leader survives to give orders to his terrorist organization.
abstrusePaladin 19 ditë më parë
Read the description you actual morons.
b long
b long 19 ditë më parë
a man? mean a black man?...there...fixed.
Ernest Ells
Ernest Ells 19 ditë më parë
I’ll get used to that because he just let thousands of those people in here down south on the border and they’ve been waiting for years for this you watch get used to this and one of these days they’re going to get in really get a lot of people it’s just a matter of time
AFK Bender
AFK Bender 19 ditë më parë
Unfortunately, the Game is not balanced for everyone because of our history. People are very distressed, our government is not working together to make simple reasonable solutions that will help the mass majority of our citizens. The vast majority in America are "American Citizens", with god giving Rights born in America, but it doesn't feel right anymore. More like disposable wastes from the High and Mighty who do no wrong, but even if they do wrong they have the money to Bend the Rules of the Game and get off. No wonder, theres no accountability in people of "Power" and the Citizens who are just trying to survive are being downtrodden by all of the horrible consequences of our voted Leaders. I shouldn't say Leaders, they should be good public servants but they are already bought and sold and lost all morality or soul. Everyone has an agenda, but most of americans have a main agenda of loving their neighbor as they love themselves, prospering, having basic freedoms of life in america, etc.... Idk, it just seems really wrong that our Capitol looks a green zone in a third world country, WTF is that!? Why are there so many recordings of cops killing and beating people?? Is that what you were trained to do? Or maybe you enjoy it? People are so angry, they start burning down their neighborhoods and looting were they live!! That's not right..don't always live in the moment and prepare for the future. Instant gratification is not a good thing, whether its doing drugs or alcohol, getting likes or comments, eating ice cream cuz its sweets, or looting or burning. You know that working towards your future or your families future is where you get real gratification. If you didn't earn it you can't really appreciate it. Kids kids kids, please get past the huge crutch of electronics and expand your mind. Electronics are not your friend, they are just tools. Your mind is your strongest tool and weapon to fight for the future that you want, if you don't sharpen your mind it will get dull and invalid. I'm afraid for the poor generation of the kids of bad home environments, the kids from bad ignorant parents, the kids who have racist apathetic parents, the kids of parents who have to work two jobs and can't be involved in there lives and the tablet or t.v or w/e is babysitter, the kids who's parents had kids too early in their life and never grew up and can't raise a child right so the grandparents raise the child, because alot of this is about mental health and in our country mental health is a bad word. It shouldn't be this way, we all have our trials. A helping hand goes a long way, but that isn't our way. They are ostracized and penalized and beaten down to the gutter and forgotten until they are seen on the news, and no one knows why they would ever do that, BUT WE KNOW WHY!!! Those in roles of power, keep acting ignorant and we will see many more news headlines. I do not know, but i have a gut feeling that those who could actually make a real difference in our lives could careless. Bought and payed... Fair? Even? Right or wrong? These words do not mean anymore. They say, Keep on clawing out the Hole until your fingertips are bleeding and shredded, crying for help in the dark, pleasepleaseplease with no response, until something snaps and they stop giving up because why would we keep on trying to get out of the hole when if we just lay down and rest it is actually a grave we've been trying escape. Without hope or validation that it will be better in the future, what does one in that mindset do? Sadness, Hopeless, Worthless, Invalid, ANGRY, FURIOUS, WRATH, and then nothingness.
Patra K
Patra K 19 ditë më parë
Yup, trying to bury the evidence because he was an extremist following Farrakhan. What a bunch of idiots to think we didn't hear about it.
Duck B
Duck B 19 ditë më parë
Pathetic...good ol USSA.
Constant Chaos
Constant Chaos 19 ditë më parë
So.... nothing then?
J Pardee
J Pardee 19 ditë më parë
A muslim extremist
Justin Dubay
Justin Dubay 19 ditë më parë
He wouldn’t have rammed the fence if there wasn’t one there.
skyisred2 19 ditë më parë
Still better news than Bidens human trafficking happening at the border.
Josh Keene
Josh Keene 19 ditë më parë
BLM been real quiet on this one
XxBPxPEANUTxX X 19 ditë më parë
Josh Keene
Josh Keene 19 ditë më parë
Can’t wait for BLM to say he’s a hero
64tbird master
64tbird master 19 ditë më parë
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our sins. Because of His sacrifice we are saved. May you all be blessed with His love and kindness. Something we are sorely lacking in this country right now.
S Q 19 ditë më parë
This is all part of their plan. Remember when they kept all the soilders at the capitol after inaugration day? Now they will have an excuse to keep them there for a while.
Jerry DeThomas
Jerry DeThomas 19 ditë më parë
pretty much like USA Today...nothing to see here...move on...
De’Andre Lacewell
De’Andre Lacewell 19 ditë më parë
I love how certain people trying to turn this political
Rich B
Rich B 19 ditë më parë
I think people are just pointing out the double standard and bias coverage.
David Nierzwick
David Nierzwick 19 ditë më parë
The description says "man"? Any other adjectives to give us a better picture?
Yuegong HuaMei
Yuegong HuaMei 19 ditë më parë
Freedom fighters. Revolution is our time, that time is now or never. Power must belong for all common people, not for only corrupt politicians anymore. Hureyh hureyh hureyh.
محمد محمد
محمد محمد 19 ditë më parë
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abstrusePaladin 19 ditë më parë
@Hellcat Muscle I hate spam as much as the next person, but you make me ashamed of the flag.
Theo 19 ditë më parë
We need to build a wall over the capitol, not Mexico. Republican's will probably blame this incident on the Democrats or the Mexicans, just like Trump when he blamed the south Americans and Muslims for the issues America is having today.
Kevin Staal
Kevin Staal 19 ditë më parë
Needs to read "Black man" so we can keep things even in the media
Deplorable Libertarian
Deplorable Libertarian 19 ditë më parë
Well.....once we found out who the suspect was, we sure are trying to go a different direction it seems.
NO WAY 19 ditë më parë
Capital police officer dead because cowards in Congress using them as human shields
Brett 19 ditë më parë
So when does Farrakhan get banned from all social media platforms for inciting violence?
Coffy Mix
Coffy Mix 19 ditë më parë
If the MSM would be really honest, they would report incident as : A far left supremacist black man with a history of racist behavior, with connections with the Nation Of Islam, intentionally rammed his vehicle into the White House barrier hitting a white police officer ( who later died of his injuries), the black man identified as Noah Green jump out of his car and went after police officers with a knife, but was shot by police, unknown sources have hinted he was a staunch Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris supporter
Elohmn 19 ditë më parë
Lmfao just "man"
Lindsey O
Lindsey O 19 ditë më parë
The media is the cause of most of our division ... all the people I know love each other no matter... I wish the media would focus more on the good like we all should on an individual level the rest could fall into place, the killings and “evil” in the world is devil lead, absolutely everyone is light somewhere inside the dark... I pray one day we can start to see that ❤️🧡
Pataganja 19 ditë më parë
**after black nationalist killed cop with his car** fixed it
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 19 ditë më parë
In all fairness if we want equality this video should be labeled. "Black male Muslim extremist attacks the Capitol". Because if this was a white dude it would be labeled. "Racist White supremacist male attempts solo insurrection at Capitol". Don't even think they wouldn't, they media knows how to spin a story. White supremacy is wrong but black Muslim extremist are ok now. Can't say anything against it because your gonna offend somebody.
Ἀπολλύων 19 ditë më parë
I notice how absolutely none of the MSM headlines are mentioning that he was a black nationalist. If he'd been white, they'd post everything from his skin color, to social media history, to what flavor of Black Rifle Coffee he liked.
abstrusePaladin 19 ditë më parë
Check description numbskull.
Jhonathan Madrigal
Jhonathan Madrigal 19 ditë më parë
Literally all the news promotes is negative stuff stop watching it
Brendan Obrian
Brendan Obrian 19 ditë më parë
So are we gonna have the conversation about the black supremacy problem in America! Smh
Lim Bunny
Lim Bunny 19 ditë më parë
Proud boy attacks again
Michael Bolchunas
Michael Bolchunas 19 ditë më parë
I thought you libtards are against walls???
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God 19 ditë më parë
I got video of Biden paying South American to spread swin flu he says ill pay in travel check and the rest cash to spread swin flu killed100 thousand in California Hilary all Biden stole 100 million
Eaglepaw Gaming
Eaglepaw Gaming 19 ditë më parë
What? The leftist media isn't calling for a ban on assault vehicles or calling for reduction on fuel capacity?
Donn Bradley
Donn Bradley 19 ditë më parë
The amount of effort you're taking to hold the narrative inside this whole "look how this capital insurrection is Donald Trump's fault," instead of your usual racial divide tactics, is hypocritically impressive
JMF997 19 ditë më parë
Notice how practically ever single news video trending on ALnets News refuses to show the suspect's face in the title image.
April Thompson
April Thompson 19 ditë më parë
An Isis loving man right MSM?🤬🤬🤬 report the truth for God’s Sake!
Scott Deaton
Scott Deaton 19 ditë më parë
Was the attacker one of Omar's ex-husbands/brothers? Would that be a brother-in-law-husband?
Budget Boost DIY
Budget Boost DIY 19 ditë më parë
Im so glad to see people are waking up to the media.The media have gone rogue with power.they have the power to take somthing like the flu and make each death breaking news story,doing so people would beleive we have a epidemic,This would cause fear/panic as people start lining up for flu shots and they can do this right now if the government/elites wanted to control you.They could do this and have you locked in your home.The media need to be stopped.
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God 19 ditë më parë
Like that time i tricked cia to kill Chinese spys or i tricked Chinese to try an kill 4 men had a stroke heart medicine
Four-Nineteen Recording
Four-Nineteen Recording 19 ditë më parë
Oh wow that’s a whole lot of people smh🤦🏻‍♂️
Joshua Isbell
Joshua Isbell 19 ditë më parë
Yep it’s still the capital.
Audrey 19 ditë më parë
Isn't it strange how so many people rushed the capital back in January and only one was shot, yet this time only one did it and was shot. Also how all those before so easily got inside, seems a bit strange, can anyone else say "conspiracy theory"?
Nicky Krystals
Nicky Krystals 19 ditë më parë
Go back to bed weirdo.
Michael Poteet
Michael Poteet 19 ditë më parë
This is the result of a weak minded individual who chose to follow a false prophet. He could have had a great career. The nation of Islam must be shut down. The sow hate and division in our country.
Wildlife at home
Wildlife at home 19 ditë më parë
Better start background checks for drivers, or just start taking certain cars away that pose a danger to others like some guns.
M I B 19 ditë më parë
Lmao US is getting worser day by day.. haha
PoGirl Shines
PoGirl Shines 19 ditë më parë
Why are there way more wars, terror attacks & shootings when Democrats are in office? Even these "third world" psychos destroying America from within. They think they have all their ducks in a row...
Enormous Authority
Enormous Authority 19 ditë më parë
for "radical Islam", I'm happy that "bring a knife" is all he had planned. Dodged a bullet there.
Al Kohallick
Al Kohallick 19 ditë më parë
Notice when he's black it's just a "man". If he was white, it would be "White Supremacist attacks Capitol building"!!!
Damir Babic
Damir Babic 19 ditë më parë
the only place I found a photo of Noah Ricardo Green was on a french website
Jacqueline Silvers
Jacqueline Silvers 19 ditë më parë
The fact that this administration funs terrorism by giving Hamas 9 million dollars last week just in time for the monthly payment plan palestinian families are put on by the regime. Thanks POTUS. Surely he will be pardoned like the capital bomber Susan Rosenberg... I hear her new job is the organizer of BLM.
David Simmons son of God
David Simmons son of God 19 ditë më parë
Im the adam im get mad people are going kill u all betrayed God country working for genocidal government kill us steal all the money
xannn* 19 ditë më parë
tshandy1 19 ditë më parë
When the people in media are uncomfortable with certain facts about a perp (race, religion, politics), these media people bury or obscure details -- which makes them liars who are believed only by fools.
E Pang
E Pang 19 ditë më parë
The guttural H habitual temple mechanistically permit because apparatus perplexingly whip following a unaccountable wedge. friendly, easy drawbridge
ST7A Bad Karma
ST7A Bad Karma 19 ditë më parë
Since the skin color of the attacker and victim don't fit the MSM's preferred narrative we'll just show random scene of the Capital without going into any messy details. We see you for the garbage that your are USA today. We see you.
Lagranarob -
Lagranarob - 19 ditë më parë
Guy must not have been white, otherwise his color would be the first word in the headline
Jamie Johnson
Jamie Johnson 19 ditë më parë
Just another Democratic slaying. Nothing to see here according to the media.
AAA GGG 19 ditë më parë
Where's the video evidence of this bullshit....
Robert Sorenson
Robert Sorenson 19 ditë më parë
Perp was a Nation of Islam, black nationalist, racist, lefty.
truckubuddy 19 ditë më parë
The scene outside the Capital after a BLACK MAN lost his mind and attacked Capital police.
Richard Rodriguez Sanchez the 3rd
Richard Rodriguez Sanchez the 3rd 19 ditë më parë
If dude was white title would be like. “White neo nazi targeted black officer”
Makaveli 19 ditë më parë
“Black Lives Matter”
Boom :D
Boom :D 19 ditë më parë
Cathy Waters
Cathy Waters 19 ditë më parë
You guys can’t cover this story. He was black and Islam. Black people cant commit crimes. It’s RACIST if you cover their crimes !!!!
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 19 ditë më parë
Biden's basement idea is spreading to all the politicians LMAO, Time to hide the capital behind a wall they refuse to build at the border
Nam Khanh Ng
Nam Khanh Ng 19 ditë më parë
Rule of thumb: If media doesnt mention race, skin color of the attacker, it is very high probability that the attacker is a minority If the attacker is a white person tho, expect every news channel to spend at least 15-60min talking about his whiteness and correlation to violence crime and how we must abolish white people and how the attack represents white supremacy.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 19 ditë më parë
Death by cop... there's more to this than meets the eye.
Jonathan Mora
Jonathan Mora 19 ditë më parë
I find it ironic that Fox News when the original attack happened didn’t even cover it till two days later and even left out the part about the lady being shot and called her a hero then they get called out on Twitter for it, delete it and say that they’re being bullied and the first thing on their headlines now was “Capital attacked by a Muslim” then literally an hour later they took it down and didn’t even cover the capitol again. Mfs really think that outlet is news.
abstrusePaladin 19 ditë më parë
@Dale Gribble Add it to your board you nut.
abstrusePaladin 19 ditë më parë
@Dale Gribble Really went past you huh?
Woah bro this guys really cool
Woah bro this guys really cool 19 ditë më parë
turns out the general public isnt a fan of our rulers, in their palace of corruption
money maker
money maker 19 ditë më parë
Maybe Biden will try to ban cars and knives now
Grandma’s Advice
Grandma’s Advice 19 ditë më parë
Well, that’s a whole lot of NOTHING
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