Scene outside Capitol after man rammed into barrier killing an officer on Friday | USA TODAY

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The man who police say rammed his car into a security barrier at the U.S. Capitol on Friday and was fatally shot by police after emerging from the vehicle with a knife was a lifelong athlete who in recent months had shown growing support on social media for Louis Farrakhan and the extremist Nation of Islam group.
Police say Green rammed a dark-colored sedan into a security barrier outside the U.S. Capitol, killing Officer William "Billy" Evans, an 18-year veteran of the U.S. Capitol Police Department. After the crash, police say, Green got out of the car with a knife in his hand, ran toward officers and ignored their commands. Officers opened fire and killed him.
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terence Sheehan
terence Sheehan 15 ditë më parë
35 thousand troops and 1 man. What a joke
Who Dis
Who Dis 15 ditë më parë
Why would a democrat attack a democrat Administration., or a willing loony to keep the walls up.. .false flag.
Darius Alexe
Darius Alexe 17 ditë më parë
Some guy did something... Nothing to see here guys
Hard Rocker
Hard Rocker 17 ditë më parë
isis is real
greg ko
greg ko 17 ditë më parë
Funny how the media leaves out the fact that he's a black nationalist who practices Islam and is a Avid follower of Louis Farrakhan. And we're expected to believe there's no bias in the media today
John Perrin
John Perrin 18 ditë më parë
The USA Today is a Despicable news organization
Julia Mamie
Julia Mamie 18 ditë më parë
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Katie Tutorials
Katie Tutorials 18 ditë më parë
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Steven Yeung
Steven Yeung 18 ditë më parë
Yup, America is looking more like North Korea day by day. Soon it will be police states.
Huge Grand
Huge Grand 19 ditë më parë
United states of america is no longer a free is the beginning of the end for democracy...
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Steve 19 ditë më parë
MSM ignoring the real story since it doesn't fit their narrative
Aret The giant
Aret The giant 19 ditë më parë
I like the protection the news is giving to the suspect
Aret The giant
Aret The giant 19 ditë më parë
Imagine if a white guy were to do this they would make sure that everyone knows that the attacker was white and instead of saying “a man” did something they would say “a white man” did something
m 207
m 207 19 ditë më parë
Wish it was up in flames
Robin White -Gough
Robin White -Gough 19 ditë më parë
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Ellen Barry
Ellen Barry 19 ditë më parë
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Crypto Fiend
Crypto Fiend 19 ditë më parë
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Gina Luciano
Gina Luciano 19 ditë më parë
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bbouc40254 19 ditë më parë
how about real world events that matter? how things going at the border for all these children being abducted, dont they matter?
Dave N
Dave N 19 ditë më parë
Blue Crow
Blue Crow 19 ditë më parë
Stop hate against white's
Catota Catota
Catota Catota 19 ditë më parë
Presidente and Politics are so scared😂
John Drake
John Drake 19 ditë më parë
Let's see, how can we blame this on Trump?
iinRez 19 ditë më parë
Our Government armed up and barricaded themselves because they have incited a civil war through their manipulation of the media, which altered the public mindset, and fragmented the citizenry into blind tribalism. They made their cronies stir up the nest, dared angry youth to poor the gas, and convinced their rich friends to drop a match. As soon as DC get their statehood, people won't be thinking about the Southern wall anymore. *Chaos is what they want.*
Had to cheat him to beat him
Had to cheat him to beat him 19 ditë më parë
I think you left out “Farahkahn cultist” from the title...
Octavio Guerrero
Octavio Guerrero 19 ditë më parë
DIOS bendiga siempre a USA.
Super Jaded
Super Jaded 19 ditë më parë
In general, individuals with poor mental health are more likely to be involved with crime, either as an offender or as a victim, compared to other individuals. Policies that grant support to mental health care may have long term positive effects on crime rates.
Ricky Barber
Ricky Barber 19 ditë më parë
I wouldn't call it an attack, I'd call it people getting tired of this Administration. People are fed up with the Bullshit. This bunch needs to be taken out of DC before it gets any worse. For all the ass sucking Demoncrats that voted this piece of man in, all of you need to trade places with the children he's got penned up.
Joe. Halo Garbarino
Joe. Halo Garbarino 19 ditë më parë
Babbling incoherent biden, unable to walk and chew gum, at the same time will next be calling for the ban on all vehicles and knives.
blue03r6 19 ditë më parë
Since this was done by a black man and was an attack carried out in the name of islam and Democrats love islam, biden wont declare it terrorism. However if it was a white man it would be a radical Qanon terrorist attack and trump would be responsible
S Naz
S Naz 19 ditë më parë
Sharp objects and blue cars need to be banned!! It's causing Black Supremacists to kill white people!! ABSOLUTELY Racist!
Gloria Daniti
Gloria Daniti 19 ditë më parë
BLACK Supremacist Muslim kills Capitol officer and wounds another police officer! Gayle King where are you? Harris niece who gets paid to make children's books - where are you? Crickets is all I hear. News outlets
Durwood G
Durwood G 19 ditë më parë
I wonder why the media rarely shows the attackers face??? Oh, maybe because it doesn’t fit their false narrative.
Zarmin Drow
Zarmin Drow 19 ditë më parë
A few lawn chairs and a BBQ, I could dig it.
Mike P
Mike P 19 ditë më parë
Nope, sorry, not a white guy. Black Americans are the single most Racist ethnic group in America. BLM = Burning Looting Murderers. Farrakhan is the Modern Day Black Hitler. Nick Cannon is a Racist.
Sustained By His Love
Sustained By His Love 19 ditë më parë
Maybe he was trying to run over Biden 😳😳😜😜
C-Mo 313
C-Mo 313 19 ditë më parë
Del Spooner
Del Spooner 19 ditë më parë
Did the car have a bumper stock. Ban the stock bumpers.
p11b30 19 ditë më parë
Biden/Harris have been inciting their deranged followers to kill the innocent ever since they started their campaign of hate, division and BIG Joseph Goebbels style lies.
Russ 19 ditë më parë
The media is deleting factual comments about this Killer .. Look at radical M$@#%$#
Joseph Kugel
Joseph Kugel 19 ditë më parë
Can't wait to see how they try and pin this one on white supremacy.
b long
b long 19 ditë më parë
A man...hacks...
Guyver Jay
Guyver Jay 19 ditë më parë
ahh this must be one of those "white supremacists" that democrats and the likes of Don Lemming keep going on about
Keith Cooke
Keith Cooke 19 ditë më parë
No race card??.... MSM must be disappointed not being able to push their favorite narrative. Gotta start doing universal background checks on everyone buying a car too.
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez 19 ditë më parë
Katharine Santana
Katharine Santana 19 ditë më parë
What the narrative?
Gordon Hamlett
Gordon Hamlett 19 ditë më parë
May God protect my children’s children from these idiots in DC
RC Jabroni yup
RC Jabroni yup 19 ditë më parë
I heard it was another angry white guy.
Paul Gomez
Paul Gomez 19 ditë më parë
Funny how the majority of comments bash Biden 😂 how did he win again? Don’t get me wrong I remember trump getting bashed but it was more 50-50. Biden is like 99 getting bashed 🤣 no one likes perverted joe
Das Karnickel
Das Karnickel 19 ditë më parë
i think the street in front of my house here in Maine has more interesting activity and less chatter.😐
Steven D. Bennett
Steven D. Bennett 19 ditë më parë
The black Muslim? That guy?
Party Grove
Party Grove 19 ditë më parë
Such worthless feed
Danny Jarvis
Danny Jarvis 19 ditë më parë
Silence is Golden now, in communist Washington DC!
Ralph Bourke
Ralph Bourke 19 ditë më parë
Still think Biden is " UNITING " a country????????????????????????????????????????????
Mikael Araya
Mikael Araya 19 ditë më parë
Let's not jump to conclusions before we prove he actually killed him. He might have felt threatened and acted on self defence 🤔
k333rl 19 ditë më parë
black supremacist kills white officer...
Kenth Hamner
Kenth Hamner 19 ditë më parë
And that racist biatch Maxine Waters hugs that radical criminal.
douglas johns
douglas johns 19 ditë më parë
a fence around the capitol but not the country
James Kulevich
James Kulevich 19 ditë më parë
We are going to have to start regulating cars and force people to take a “conceal and carry” class along with other restrictions.
Heather Williams
Heather Williams 19 ditë më parë
If the fence wasn't there this would have never happened. This blood is on the Biden administration. Take the fence down!!! Prayers for the officer that died and his family. And prayers for the other officer that was injured. This administration is a joke!!!
TheMightyZim26 19 ditë më parë
☑️ Blue Check-Marxists: “It was clearly another crazed white man! Must be a Trump supporter. This is obviously a White Supremac....” (finds out it was black nationalist) 🦗🦗💤
Corina Gallegos
Corina Gallegos 19 ditë më parë
Its no biggy
Arnold Heckers
Arnold Heckers 19 ditë më parë
Nothing to see see see here.......
Waxing Aphasic
Waxing Aphasic 19 ditë më parë
In case you were wondering, yep Louis Farrakhan is still on twitter and facebook.
Webster Keen
Webster Keen 19 ditë më parë
We need to ban automatic transmission cars with tanks that hold 30 gallons of fuel.
Tim Daugherty
Tim Daugherty 19 ditë më parë
MSM is upset it wasn't a white MAGA supporter.
El R.
El R. 19 ditë më parë
Hopefully there will be no copycat individuals wanting to do this, those foolish enough to try risk death.
Ryan Moss
Ryan Moss 19 ditë më parë
These actions are the fruit you grow from feeding your hate. We need to all stop any & everything that feeds are brain hate. Those pathways only get deeper.
Regan. 19 ditë më parë
Odd that when it's a person of color it's just "a man".
frobi6852 19 ditë më parë
Headline should read "Black supremacist kills unarmed cop for no reason"
Michael EstrinOne
Michael EstrinOne 19 ditë më parë
White supremacist, white as a snow, racist police officer killed black disadvantaged driver who mistakenly lost control of his vehicle and was trying to ask for directions to the nearest library. What a shame! We demand justice!
Sean Pushor
Sean Pushor 19 ditë më parë
Damn white supremacy Trump supporters......oh wait. Damn......let’s figure out a way to blame Trump.
eban hale
eban hale 19 ditë më parë
Should read as, “Scene outside of capital after black man.........”
Michael Via
Michael Via 19 ditë më parë
Gordon Adams
Gordon Adams 19 ditë më parë
Trump has made the Capitol a target for every unstable person with or without a complaint against the government.
Raif Marshall
Raif Marshall 19 ditë më parë
If I have learned anything over the last 5 years is that the truth of any matter is likely the part that the news lies about or refuses to report on.
Travis Underwood
Travis Underwood 19 ditë më parë
He had probable cause, the officer would understand.
Gumbi Is A Meatball
Gumbi Is A Meatball 19 ditë më parë
Now, I think I'll go watch some paint dry.
Hank Garza
Hank Garza 19 ditë më parë
Scene outside Capitol after (BLACK) man rammed into barrier killing an officer on Friday | USA TODAY
Lvsitanv 19 ditë më parë
Criminal was of the wrong race for the narrative. Nothing to see here.
Sharon McCanney
Sharon McCanney 19 ditë më parë
if he was white they blame it on trump media is baught an payed for traders
italia3691 19 ditë më parë
Give the democrats and the lamestream media time they will find a way to try and blame this on President Trump!!!!!!!
Jun3 Shiroyuki
Jun3 Shiroyuki 19 ditë më parë
How about y’all mention his race since you love talking about race so much? Oh, you won’t because he’s not white?
Roger Guiles
Roger Guiles 19 ditë më parë
A Black Supremacist kills another cop, so what?
Jeffrey Forbes
Jeffrey Forbes 19 ditë më parë
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MarkB58 19 ditë më parë
A supposed elected Biden won by Record Number of Votes, and has to Hide behind a Fence and NationalGruard.... while our Borders are in a Crisis!!!
Roger Sledz
Roger Sledz 19 ditë më parë
Masks PROTECT YOU and people around you!
MegaSlowe 19 ditë më parë
Barricades and military around the capital. Democrats really do love banana republic governing.
Kelbel 19 ditë më parë
Lol and shows a beautiful spring day. Hmm i thought they didnt want walls or guns.....but thats whats protecting all them right now. Hmmmm🤔
Jay Walker
Jay Walker 19 ditë më parë
Earth is so dangerous that aliens lock their doors when passing through galaxy.
CRYxBABY 19 ditë më parë
Meanwhile China's swooping in for the arkao
Chris Hollier
Chris Hollier 19 ditë më parë
Title doesn't include race, that's how I know the guy wasn't white.
Wil Witt
Wil Witt 19 ditë më parë
I guess we should be out burning down our neighborhoods now?
Mary Greene
Mary Greene 19 ditë më parë
It is a tragedy that a police officer was run down at a barricade blocks from the capital building. This is not the same as what happened in the capital. He was carrying a knife. I am glad this has been reported. I do not think this should be the rationale to keep the national guard as their personal army. Send the boys home. Capital police and the secret service have this.
Phil Hadfield
Phil Hadfield 19 ditë më parë
Can we build a higher and stronger wall around the capital then fill it with water?
Pditty 19 ditë më parë
USA Today didn't get the memo that this story is dead and of no use to the left narrative. The perp was Black and practiced Islam. All other networks have moved on like it never happened.
Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails 19 ditë më parë
At least he didn't storm in with thousands of rioting supporters, all ready to kill congresspeople and overthrow the govt. Let's freak out about the actions of one man.
mike young
mike young 19 ditë më parë
Why isn't BLM not rioting?
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