Chauvin trial examines 'use of force' rationale | USA TODAY

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Expert calls use of force on George Floyd 'excessive' by Derek Chauvin
RELATED: Police chief, George Floyd's ER doctor testify at start of week 2 of Derek Chauvin's trial
On the 7th day of trial, police training experts testified on Derek Chauvin using his knee to subdue George Floyd.
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marper com
marper com 15 ditë më parë
A law should be created on acts of suffocation in the population. As: "Every institution either in its formation, policy, instruction or training either by means of some mechanical instrument, manual, article, coercion, either by taking advantage of its power over citizens, ignorance of these or trust in the institution, those involved in execution and higher charges will be sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of reevaluation".
De’Andre Lacewell
De’Andre Lacewell 15 ditë më parë
If you don't feel safe or easily distracted when a crowd watching you do your job then you should have never been a cop
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엄손TV 토종약용수 16 ditë më parë
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Kelly Hartnett
Kelly Hartnett 16 ditë më parë
who is the woman covering the story? You guys need to hire someone more professional.
Fox _ 406
Fox _ 406 16 ditë më parë
If he did it intentionally then he deserves to get what’s coming. But there’s supposedly different camera angels that show his knee on his shoulder & a doctor that said he was in cardiac arrest when he got to the hospital. IDK, I haven’t personally seen the videos but I think(KNOW) we were fed bs to stoke the racial divide & cause havoc in America. All while playing into their agenda. We have to pull our heads from out behind the curtain & realize that they’ve always been doing this type of 💩 to us. All so we hate each other, make us out to be violent & we need to be disarmed for our own safety. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!!! WE ARE THE PEOPLE & THE 99%. Don’t forget the sacrifices that past generations made for you. It’s time to pick a side. I choose to walk with God & Jesus. What this land was founded on & intentioned to always be. 🇺🇸
Viliami Pasiliti Aholelei
Viliami Pasiliti Aholelei 16 ditë më parë
Question about Chauvin was distracted by by-standers is none. Why? Chauvin ignore everything around him, their request to check the condition of the victim. He seems to be at peace with himself to do what he determined to do. It is for someone to do this to any human being. All what he learnt from his job went out the door. He determined to kill the guy. Being in the Police force I thought he is the most seniority officer make the right thing for the rest to learn and follow.
unleashtheflavor 16 ditë më parë
Far as I’m concerned. Every cop is a criminal. Look at who they work for.
austin clark
austin clark 16 ditë më parë
Watching this trial in its entirety. Meaning the defense aswell. Reasonable doubt has been established. Cop will walk.
austin clark
austin clark 16 ditë më parë
@mehe4Justice the minute they testified that derek had his knee on his shoulder blades NOT neck. When they pointed out the hold WAS policy in the police handbook. Then when testimony came out about fatal levels of drugs in his system. Finally when the girlfriend testified that the "friend" with floyd was his dealer and the "friend" claimed he wasnt going to testify or would plead the fifth because he is afraid of incriminating himself that would lead to charges of murder. All of those things are reasonable doubt. You would be lying to yourself to say otherwise.
mehe4Justice 16 ditë më parë
When was reasonable doubt established?
mike logan
mike logan 16 ditë më parë
All trending news on ALnets, is bias towards Georgie.
Rumple 4skin
Rumple 4skin 16 ditë më parë
Opinions, bring on forensics and toxicology. End game for this trial. Wonder if his boss that through Chauvin under the bus will have to rehire him or pay, pain and suffering and/or defamation law suit? Awkward
David Nierzwick
David Nierzwick 16 ditë më parë
Anything that's not favorable to George.... the media hides.
big frank
big frank 16 ditë më parë
David Nierzwick
David Nierzwick 16 ditë më parë
Very very biased coverage... the reality on cross examination is not being covered... Chauvin may be found not guilty prepare yourselves for that.
reallyAZ nokidding
reallyAZ nokidding 16 ditë më parë
Are cops implying that when they are doing this kind of despicable behavior, they should be left to keep doing it?
big frank
big frank 16 ditë më parë
The fix is in there afraid of riots so the criminal element wind
Teh Scope
Teh Scope 16 ditë më parë
People should be afraid , Rodney King ring a bell . That riot was mostly local this one wont be . Just sayin .
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